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December 8, 2009
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SasuNaru: The New Law

Warning Yaoi, and sadness. Don't like it don't read

Read Author's comments first please

Once Naruto brought Sasuke home to Konoha, Sasuke went willingly, Sasuke had became even better friends then before. Their friendship didn't last long, since they both wanted more, much more; so Sasuke admitted his love for Naruto. Naruto had returned the feelings and they developed a relationship together, a secret one; no one was to know about it 'til the time was right.
One day in Sasuke's house, Sasuke and Naruto sat on the couch holding each other close while watching the Konoha News.
'Attention all of Konoha. There is a new law stated that homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Konoha. So if you are in that sort of relationship it is highly recommended that you get out of it before you are caught. Here is a video stating what might happen
"Tsunade Sama, why did you make this law?" A reporter asked
"I have my reasons" Tsunade asked
"What would happen if homosexuals were caught?"
"I don't know yet, but if we do catch them, their punishments will be one of the worst possible" Tsunade said
End of video~
"That is all for now Konoha, This is Kurenai and this is Konoha News, bye'"
Sasuke and Naruto gulped and had wide eyes before looking at each other in nervousness
"S-so is this it?" Naruto asked nervously and Sasuke held Naruto closer
"N-no never! I don't want it to be~" Sasuke half yelled
"B-but the news…" Naruto said with tears
"I-I know, but I love you so much Naruto, so much I can't bare to even think of life without you" Sasuke said and Naruto had tears fall down
"I-I know, m-me too, I love you too" Naruto said putting his head gently on Sasuke's chest and looked up to Sasuke
"Wh-what are we going to do?" Naruto asked
"Like we have been, keeping our relationship a secret, we have to hide it, and can't let anyone find out" Sasuke said and Naruto nodded and Sasuke gently placed his hand on his boyfriend's cheek and started wiping the tears away. Sasuke then put two of his fingers under Naruto's chin and gently pushed Naruto's face up so that they could see each other. They both began to lean towards each other, closing their eyes, into a passionate kiss. Naruto moaned and Sasuke took this advantage and put his tongue into the other's moist cavern and started exploring and heard another moan in return.
Sasuke put his hand up Naruto's shirt and Naruto gasped from the other's cold touch, but then he blushed, growing harder
"S-Sasuke…" Naruto moaned on Sasuke's lips and Sasuke smirked, picking Naruto bridal style and started walking to their room…
The next day Naruto sat on the couch in an odd way. Sasuke walked into the living room and saw Naruto and laughed walking towards him.
"Why are you sitting like that Naru-Chan?" Sasuke asked still kinda laughing and Naruto glared at him
"My a** hurts, you a**hole" Naruto said "You went too hard!" Naruto said and Sasuke sat next to him
"Oh yeah it's my fault" Sasuke said sarcastically "You were the one who was begging me to go harder, faster and deeper" Sasuke whispered in Naruto's ear and Naruto blushed deeply and Sasuke started laughing again. Naruto playfully punched Sasuke's shoulder
"Don't laugh, teme" Naruto pouted and Sasuke gently kissed Naruto's cheek
"But you're so cute" Sasuke said and Naruto looked at Sasuke in nervousness
"Wh-what are we going to do about the new law?" Naruto asked and Sasuke sighed
"I love you; no one is going to change that. No one will force us to break up" Sasuke said
"I-I love you too" Naruto said and then the boys heard knocking at the front door
"SASUKE!!" tow people yelled and Naruto and Sasuke's eyes widened
"Sh-shit it's Sakura and Ino" Sasuke whispered frantically
"SASUKE! Did you hear, did you!!? No more disgusting homosexuals in town! YAY!" Sakura yelled and Ino nodded and chanting 'YAY YAY YAY!!' while pounding the heck out of the door
Sasuke growled
"Get the hell away from my house now or else!" Sasuke yelled and Ino and Sakura froze in fear
"O-Ok Sasuke-kun" Ino said and left with Sakura
"S-Sasuke?" Naruto asked "are they gone?"
"Y-yeah, don't sense their chakuras here anymore" Sasuke said
"That's good" Naruto said and put his head on Sasuke's shoulder, wincing in slight pain
"You still hurt?" Sasuke asked and Naruto nodded
"Yeah" Naruto said and Sasuke gently kissed Naruto on the forehead
"Sorry" Sasuke said
"It's ok"
A few days later, Sasuke and Naruto were sitting on the couch and Sasuke's cell phone rang and answered it
"What Sakura" Sasuke asked coldly
"Sasuke turn the news on, they found a gay couple!" Sakura said and Sasuke hung up
"Naruto, you should turn on the news" Sasuke said
"Gay couple's found" Sasuke said and Naruto quickly turned on the news
The news had a video of two guys, apparently in love with each other
The police were starting to pull the two lovers apart and in different directions, but the two pulled away and ran to each other and gave each other a very passionate kiss and grabbed each other's hands
But then the police started pulling them from each other, and they had tears form
They tried hard to keep their grip on the other's hand, but slowly started to slip
"I'll always love you!!" They yelled as their grip fully slipped off from each other and pulled into different directions into different rooms
End of video~
'These two were found out sometime yesterday, I got informed by Lady Tsunade that the couple is being placed in jail in different places for a long time, and then will be watched so they will not see each other for the rest of their lives. This is a warning to anyone still in that kind of relationship, so-' Kurenai said, but Sasuke shut the TV off
Naruto and Sasuke had wide eyes. Naruto placed his head on Sasuke's chest shaking slightly with tears
"S-Sasuke…" Naruto said and Sasuke held him closer
"N-Naruto" Sasuke said
"S-Sasuke wh-what are we-?" Naruto said, but Sasuke pulled him into a passionate kiss. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck kissing him back. They were so lost in the kiss that they couldn't sense that Sakura and Ino can in the front door and walked towards the living room, but stopped at the doorway to the living room, frozen from seeing the two teenage boys were kissing
The two broke free
"I love you Naruto"
I love you too Sas-" Naruto started
"SASUKE, NARUTO!?" Ino and Sakura yelled
Naruto and Sasuke froze with wide eyes and turned around to see Sakura and Ino
"S-Sakura, I-Ino" Naruto stuttered and Ino and Sakura glared
"TSUNADE!!!7-1-25!!!!!" The two girls yelled as loudly as they could, which was loud enough to be heard from The Sand Village.
Sasuke and Naruto froze in fear
"S-Sasuke" Naruto said holding on Sasuke, shaking
"Naruto" Sasuke said, grabbing Naruto's hand and bolted out of the house running as fast as possible, on the roof tops
During that, Tsunade met up with Sakura and Ino and started chasing after the two teenage boys. Ambu following far behind them
"Who exactly are we chasing?" Tsunade asked confused
"Naruto and Sasuke"
"WHAT!?" Tsunade asked and bit her lip "We need to catch them now!"
With Sasuke and Naruto, they went to an abandoned building. Sasuke sat down looking down with his had down on the floor. Naruto sat next to Sasuke also looking down. Naruto gently paced his hand on top of Sasuke's and gently squeezed it
"So this is it?" Naruto asked "No more running?"
"Dobe…we're tired, last mission is still taking its toll…sorry" Sasuke said and Naruto shook his head
"It's ok, I love you" Naruto said
"I love you too, sorry I let you down" Sasuke said
"No! Don't say that! You never let me down" Naruto said looking to Sasuke and Sasuke looked to him with tears
"B-but I should have sensed those girls coming" Sasuke said
"I should have too. Sasuke, I'm scared" Naruto said and had tears form and shaking slightly. Sasuke pulled Naruto closer and rubbed his back
"What ever happens, I'll always love you" Sasuke said and Naruto hugged him
"Me too, b-but I don't w-want to be separated from you" Naruto said and Sasuke nodded
"Me neither, they'll probably force us to be in separate jails and afterwards not make us see each other again, like those other two" Sasuke said and Naruto began to cry
"N-no I don't want that" Naruto said
"Me neither" Sasuke said and looked up before pulling Naruto into a gentle kiss and put his forehead to the other's
"Stay here. I promise I will be right back" Sasuke said getting up and walked to the door
"B-but…" Naruto said
"Stay low, keep your chakura low so they won't find you" Sasuke said and left
"S-Sasuke be careful" Naruto whispered and pulled his knees to his chest.
Sasuke returned to the building in around 30 minutes. Sasuke looked at Naruto who was looking down shaking slightly
"Naruto" Sasuke said and Naruto popped up in happiness and glomped Sasuke
"Sasuke, you're ok" Naruto said smiling and Sasuke smirked and kissed Naruto on the forehead
"Yeah of course, I'm a Uchiha" Sasuke said and Naruto playfully punched Sasuke on the arm
"Yeah, yeah, self-love" Naruto said and Sasuke smirked but then it turned to a serious look
"Naruto, I went somewhere important" Sasuke said
"Where?" Naruto asked
"That's not important, I got something" Sasuke said holding two bottles in his hand
"What is it?" Naruto asked
"Poison" Sasuke said and Naruto had wide eyes
"Wh-what but why?" Naruto asked and Sasuke sighed
"We love each other, but we don't want to be forced to be apart because of the new law, so I thought…" Sasuke said and Naruto gently grabbed one of the bottles, shocking Sasuke.
Sasuke put a hand on his lover's shoulder
"A-are you sure? I mean your dream to become Hokage will be-" Sasuke started
"Sasuke, if we're caught and put into jail, no one will want a convict as Hokage. And even if I do become Hokage, it won't be worth it without you" Naruto said with tears and Sasuke had tears too
Naruto gave Sasuke a brief kiss before both of them drank the poison down. This is a type of poison that is tasteless
"S-Sasuke th-this poison won't hurt right?"
"No don't worry" Sasuke said
"I-I thought you were going to use the poison to poison Tsunade or something…" Naruto said with a slight smile and Sasuke chuckled
"Yeah, not…"
Naruto and Sasuke froze and sighed slightly, feeling like the poison is taking effect. The two sat down in each other's arms, Sasuke pulled Naruto into a passionate kiss. The poison's effect made their chakuras normal and they couldn't hide it anymore
In the mean time~
"Tsunade I caught on their chakura signals" Sakura said and the group started running the way the chakura was coming from
"Something's wrong, their chakura is falling" Sakura said and Tsunade shrugged
"They're probably trying to hide it" Ino said and Sakura shrugged and felt something bad is about to happen
'N-no something's wrong, their chakura is falling fast, and why did I just catch it now?' Sakura asked herself and they went into the abandoned building Sasuke and Naruto were in. They saw Sasuke and Naruto break apart from their kiss. Sasuke and Naruto looked to the three konichi and weakly smiled
"Heh, 'bout time you found us" Sasuke said
"You two are under arrest" Tsunade said and the boys shook their heads weakly, still in each other's arms
"N-No" Naruto said in a weak tone
Sakura was about to say something and froze in fear noticing something
"Wh-why are your chakuras still falling down?" Sakura asked as she felt that the two chakura levels are going down fast
Sasuke weakly smirked and shakily pointed to a bottle in the ground next to Ino's foot. Ino grabbed the bottle and read the label and gasped. She then let the bottle fall out of her shaky hand, it breaking on impact to the ground
"I-Ino what is it?" Sakura and Tsunade asked
"P-poison" Ino said and the three konichi had wide eyes. Sakura looked to the boys. Sasuke weakly grabbed Naruto's hand intertwining their fingers
"B-but why?" Sakura asked with tears
"B-because w-we're not letting you br-break us apart and n-not see each other again" Sasuke said "W-we l-love each o-other t-too much" Sasuke said before fainting
"W-We love each other, n-no one can take that a-away n-not even d-death" Naruto said
"B-but your dream" Ino said
"You would've made a great Hokage" Tsunade said
"Y-yeah? B-but it is a useless dream if I can't be w-with th-the o-one I…I love" Naruto said before fainting as well. Sakura ran over an checked Sasuke and Naruto's pulses
"W-well?" Tsunade asked and Sakura shook her head with tears
"N-no they didn't make it" Sakura said and Tsunade shut her eyes with tears as Ino and Sakura were sobbing.
They looked at Sasuke and Naruto and noticed that their hands were still linked
SasuNaru and the New Law

IF you DON'T like yaoi (boyXboy) then don't read it and don't comment!

ALSO if you don't like anything sad don't read, this is really sad

The number in the story is 7-1-25 (the numbers mean letters in the alphabet)
Tell me what you think the number means X3
And for the first person who gets it right, I can do a yaoi story for you with any Naruto yaoi couple you want me to do X3

This story was inspired by this picture that I can't find T.T
But I will find it and get the link for it X3
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